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How to activate Epix Now on Fire TV Besides Roku,Amazon,TiVo

How to activate EPIX TV

EPIX TV Everywhere app is coming to Amazon Fire TV. EPIX presented the news about device compatibility as an extension of the premium channel’s ongoing collaboration with Amazon in a press release. Mark Greenberg, president and CEO of EPIX, said that Amazon and EPIX “have the same ambition to transform the way people may enjoy content through new platforms, screens, and devices.

” We are now collaborating with Amazon on several technical fronts, from Alexa to AWS (Amazon Web Services) to Fire tablets and, today, Fire TV. We are looking forward to innovating together on new media experiences for our customers.

Additionally, EPIX is developing a “first-of-its-kind” mobile software that will let consumers cast EPIX programming from their Android and iOS devices over Wi-Fi to their Fire TV or another compatible device.

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How to activate Epix Now on Fire TV

To enable Epix Now on Roku, Fire TV, Xbox, PS4, and other devices, follow these steps.

Epix Now on Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV has a great selection of channels and a fun streaming interface.

To make Epix Now available on Fire TV:

  • Click the search icon on the Fire TV main screen (top-left corner of the screen).
  • Look for Epix Now and select the application from the list of results,
  • Return to the home screen, select the Epix app, and click “Get” to download and install the app.
  • Open the app, then from the start-up screen, choose “Activate.” There will be a code for activation. Make careful to record it.
  • Enter the code at epixnow.com/activate.
  • To complete the activation process, adhere to the on-screen instructions.


One of the most well-liked streaming services at the moment is Roku.

  • To launch Epix Now on Roku:
  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control after turning on your Roku device.
  • To “Streaming Channels,” scroll down. In addition, the Roku channel store will now be accessible.
  • To install the “Epix Now” channel, perform a search and select “Add Channel.”
  • When you start the channel, a screen with an activation code will come up. Note or record the code.
  • To activate, go to epixnow.com.
  • When prompted, enter the activation code, and press submit.
  • Log in with your TV provider to activate Epix on your Roku screen.


You can watch many movies, TV series, and other stuff on your Xbox console with Epix Now.

For Epix Now to be activated on Xbox, adhere to these steps:

  • On your home screen, select “Store,” then select “Browse Apps” by scrolling down.
  • Search for Epix by clicking the search icon.
  • Once the program has been downloaded and installed, return to your home screen.
  • To open the Epix app, click on it. Then, choose a movie or T.V. show to watch. A 6-digit activation code must be entered when prompted to do so.
  • Visit epix.com/activate and choose your cable company.
  • Use your credentials to log in (T.V. provider)
  • Upon selecting your Xbox One device, a 6-digit code will appear.
  • To activate the channel, return to your terminal and enter the code.


Tivo is a recent streaming service with various videos to choose from. On the platform, adding channels is similarly simple

For Tivo to activate Epix, adhere to the following instructions:

  • “Video on Demand” can be found by scrolling down.
  • Select Epix from the list of apps by scrolling down.
  • Return to the home screen after installing the app on your smartphone.
  • You must activate the app by going to Apps > Epix.
  • Visit epix.com/activate and choose your cable company.
  • Get the activation code by logging in with your provider’s credentials.
  • Return to the Tivo box and complete the channel activation.
  • Choose a film or TV show, then savor it.

Conclusion of Epix Now on Fire TV

Epix is a terrific channel if you’re seeking excellent material to amuse you. It offers access to live TV channels and many movies and television programs.

You have various options because the app works with many streaming devices. You can activate the app and use its content on any streaming device by following the steps above.

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