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How To Make Hammer In Little Alchemy 2

how to make hammer in little alchemy 2
how to make hammer in little alchemy 2

Suppose you are seeking How to make Hammer in Little Alchemy 2 so that you are in an exceptional game. Here in this post, you’ll get the entire manual on the way to make Hammer in Little Alchemy 2 is a famous reality sport of mixing in game gadgets collectively to create new recipes.

However, which could be combined to create even more. One of the maximum difficult combos to get to is the Little 2 Hammer. Now without addition put off, let’s begin the way to make Hammer in Little Alchemy 2 guide.

How to make hammer in Little Alchemy? 

It’s a recreation of mixing gadgets collectively to make new recipes that could be combined collectively to locate even greater. One of the greater tough mixtures to get to is the Hammer. Little Alchemy 2 is a top-notch intuitive crafting sport advanced and posted with the aid of using Recloak. The foremost goal of the sport is to mix gadgets to make new ones.

So, start with the aid of using combining Air, Fire, Earth, and Water to provide new in-sport elements. Then, think logically about the game and approximately the gadgets you combine. Discover over 700+ extraordinary gadgets and free up the recipes to matter, time, and the Universe.

There are four viable recipes to make a Hammer in Little Alchemy 2: 

  • Tool + Steel Tool + Rock 
  • Tool + Woodpecker 
  • Tool + Metal 
  • Tool + Stone 

Tool + Metal is the perfect recipe to get the Little Alchemy 2 Hammer. Hence, below we can explain the way to get each in-recreation ingredient.

 Metal + Tool = Hammer 

Make Metal in Little Alchemy 2? 

  • Earth and Earth = Land 
  • Land and Land = Continent
  • Continent and Continent = Planet 
  • Air and Planet = Atmosphere 
  • Water and Atmosphere = Cloud 
  • Fire and Fire = Energy 
  • Energy and Cloud = Lightning 
  • Water and Water = Puddle 
  • Puddle and Puddle = Pond 
  • Pond and Pond = Lake 
  • Lightning and Lake = Life 
  • Life and Land = Soiland Animal 
  • Earth and Water = Mud 
  • Earth and Fire = lava 
  • Lava and Air = Stone 
  • Stone and Mud = Clay 
  • Clay and Life = Human 

Stone and Fire = Metal 

Now you have the metallic in Little Alchemy ., So, you definitely are lacking the second component of the recipe under mention.

Making Tool In Little Alchemy 2? 

Here are the stairs to make Tool in Little Alchemy 2 Additionally, The recipes of a few factors are cited withinside the preceding section) 

Human + Metal = Tool

 Now you could integrate Metal + Tool, after which get your Hammer in Little Alchemy 2 

Hammer in Little Alchemy 2 Recipes 

Here are a few Recipes for Hammer:

BellMetal and Hammer
Steel and Hammer
Coconut MilkCoconut and Hammer
OreHill and Hammer
and Hammer
Rock and Hammer

Boulder and Hammer
Earth and Hammer
Hammer and Stone
StatueStone and Hammer
Boulder and Hammer
ToolboxBox and Hammer
Hammer and Container

Hammer Combinations in Little Alchemy 2

Here are the Hammer Combinations

  • Hammer + Stone = Ore 
  • Hammer + Boulder = Statue 
  • Hammer + Container = Toolbox 
  • Hammer + Rock = Ore 
  • Hammer + Hill = Ore 
  • Hammer + Mountain = Ore 
  • Hammer + Earth = Ore 
  • Hammer + Box = Toolbox 
  • Metal +Hammer = Bell 
  • Hammer + Stone = Statue 
  • Steel + Hammer = Bell 
  • Hammer + Coconut = Coconut Milk
  • Boulder + Hammer = Ore 

Hammer walkthrough: 

Here is the Little Alchemy 2 Hammer walkthrough 

  • 2x Air = Pressure 
  • Earth + Pressure = Stone 
  • Earth + Water = Mud 
  • Mud + Stone = Clay 
  • 2x Earth = Land 
  • Earth + Land = Continent 
  • 2x Continent = Planet 
  • Planet + Air = Atmosphere 
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud 
  • 2x Fire = Energy
  • Cloud + Energy = Lightning 
  • 2x Water = Puddle 
  • Puddle + Water = Pond 
  • Pond + Water = Lake 
  • Lake + Water = Sea 
  • Lightning + Sea = Life 
  • Life + Clay = Human 
  • Human + Stone = Tool 

Tool + Stone = Hammer


We hope you want this a way to make Hammer in Little Alchemy 2 guide. In this post, we protected Step-by-step Hammer Recipes, a way to get the ingredients, Hammer as an element withinside the game, and a few first-rate tips if you need to invite any questions or comments associated with a way to make Hammer in Little Alchemy 2 so remark phase is constantly open for you.

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