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Which TextNow Alternatives are reliable that can secure my texts?

An amazing list of TextNow alternatives in 2022

Mobile virtual network provider TextNow (MVNO). In other words, it provides you with phone service by leaning on the networks of other cellular operators. TextNow Alternative article is greatest making free phone calls and sending text messages over the internet.

TextNow Alternative

There is an amazing list of TextNow Alternatives so lets starts.

Flyp TextNow Alternative

Flyp TextNow alternatives

With Flyp, you can choose your area code, control who may reach you and when, and maintain an international connection without breaking the bank. Install Flyp right away to sample your first extra line for seven days for free! Get the smartphone app that will make having multiple phones obsolete!.

Switching between phones, getting lost in area codes, dialing strange numbers, and shaky Wi-Fi calling are all past things. Start your free trial today to use countless numbers from a single phone.

With per-line, you can quickly add several phone numbers to your device and regain control over who can call you and when. Call blocking and Do Not Disturb. For each of your new Flyp phone numbers, select an area code, giving you the neighborhood presence you’ve been seeking.

A single location to view all of your calls, texts, and voicemails. Flip is easy to use, sleek, and convenient, so you can stop fumbling with your phone.

ConXhub TextNow Alternative

ConXhub TextNow alternatives

ConXhub is a great TextNow Alternative. A single mobile phone can manage many numbers. Anywhere you wish, create virtual offices to suddenly appear larger. calls from several numbers, both incoming and outgoing, on a single mobile device. Maintain the secrecy of both your phone number and your life.

Select from new or existing numbers, national or international, mobile or landline. Save money with the call, message, PBX switchboard, and number plans that are all included. Use a mobile cellular network for the best call quality and connectivity to save money.

Sonetel TextNow Alternative

Sonetel TextNow alternatives

Sonetel is also a TextNow Alternative. One free app with global phone numbers, customer chat, and team communication. Own a local phone number in any city or nation on the planet. Visitors’ confidence and sales are increase when your website displays a local number.

If you also use your website’s free chat feature to access ours, you can receive it for nothing. Otherwise, monthly costs begin at $1.79. With our new apps, incoming calls can be answered for free or forwarded to any location in the world for the price of a local call.

We think that the two main forces transforming this world are globalization and entrepreneurship. We seek to level the playing field and empower entrepreneurs in the most isolated regions of the world by providing them with communication solutions that do away with distance to aid in its development. Over 170 nations, almost 170,000 of those who joined up also became paying clients.

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Keeping Calling TextNow Alternative

Only pay for the minutes you use. No additional fees or hidden costs. Your calls will be billed at a rate of one-minute rounding. As long as your account is active, your Voice Credit never runs out. Modern telecom technologies offer excellent call quality operates on any phone.

Internet is not required. There are access points in more than 35 nations. Make calls more easily! Include your calling number in the list. Format your text as country code + number. Don’t dial the whole number. Give a phone number your favorite number.

For a quicker connection, press the key! To avoid hearing the minutes and balance warnings when you call, turn this function OFF. Whenever your balance falls below $5, activate Auto-Replenish, and we’ll recharge your PIN. using the required sum.

We provide security and dependability with more than ten years of experience. For every transaction, we promise complete satisfaction. Every two minutes, a new customer joins.

WhatsApp TextNow Alternative

TextNow Alternative

Simple and safe. reliable communication. With WhatsApp, you can call and message quickly, easily, and securely for free* on phones all around the world.

A free-to-download app called WhatsApp Business was create for the needs of small business owners. To exhibit your goods and services, make a catalog. Use tools to automate, sort, and swiftly respond to communications to connect with your consumers.

Additionally, WhatsApp may assist medium-sized and large companies with customer service and notify clients of critical events. Study up on the WhatsApp Business API. The most recent versions of WhatsApp include end-to-end encryption because some of your most private moments are share there.

Your messages and calls are secure when end-to-end encrypted, so only you and Nobody between you and the person you’re conversing with, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.

Sideline TextNow Alternative

TextNow Alternative

With Sideline Pro’s robust messaging tools, you may acquire a business number, arrange connections, and expand your company. Your line remains secret because all of your work calls, texts, and voicemail are received on a different number. Sideline is a good TextNow Alternative.

Recognize when consumers are calling, automate your responses, and expertly handle each discussion. Nine out of ten customers prefer to text companies. You have all the resources you require from Sideline to allow them to text yours. Get a dedicated business line for voicemail, messages, and other uses.

Maintain separate phonebooks for your personal and professional contacts on the same phone. The client receives an SMS message if you miss a call. Before they can Google the competitor, you are already connect.

Utilize mass messaging solutions to send text marketing campaigns, promotions, or offers. Schedule and send text reminders from your work calendar to help with meeting and appointment attendance.



Beautiful and effective business phones for individuals, groups, and organizations. The new business phone is called OpenPhone. It has a strong calling, texting, and a compact CRM. perfect for both teams and individuals.

Like an inbox, it enables you to share a phone number with colleagues. accessible on iOS, Android, and web browsers. Your current devices get a work phone number that is simply added through OpenPhone. You desire to be able to text and talk on all of your gadgets Yes, we have it.

But things don’t stop there. What a phone can accomplish for professionals has been redefine. Anybody can be reached via phone or SMS. Facilitate communication between countries. To communicate with several people simultaneously and keep everyone informed, user groups.

You can have as many inboxes as you like in one account if you convert phone numbers into dedicated inboxes. You can either manually record a call or set up auto-recording to do it for you.



Numerous small firms, solopreneurs, and freelancers depend on EasyLine to fuel their workforce for a variety of reasons. For small firms, solopreneurs, and freelancers, an affordable business phone service was developed. EasyLine is a great TextNow Alternative.

By moving to EasyLine, our clients typically save thousands of dollars. EasyLine offers you more than just phone conversations; it also has other strong features that make getting started much simpler. As you expand, EasyLine will accommodate your demands as a business.

At EasyLine, privacy and security are our top priorities. The highest level of data protection is offered through end-to-end encryption Your call data is protect with EasyLine.

Manage all of your company’s communications with a single, user-friendly interface. Powerful, adaptable solutions that you can use wherever you are, whenever you need. Get a phone number for your company that you can customize to keep your personal and professional lives apart.

Ninja Number

Ninja Number

With the help of the program Ninja Number, your company may follow you everywhere you go by using a second phone number that is added to your smartphone.

When you are unable to manage your communications, it does so for you by notifying you of missed calls and texts and even taking over phone duties. With Ninja Number, you may connect up to five devices, allowing team members to assist you in answering calls and texts.

So that a customer’s issue is promptly remedied, several team members can participate in a text discussion. With auto-reply, you can program responses to frequently requested questions.

When a voicemail or text containing that question is receive, Ninja Number’s artificial intelligence recognizes it and delivers your response on your behalf. Ninja Number expands along with your company.

When you’re too busy to pick up the phone, it provides live operators to answer your calls. Additionally, you can upgrade to a PBX system with pre-set staff extensions and greetings.

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Talkatone is use by millions of individuals to make calls and send texts through WiFi or broadband connections without using their mobile minutes. the calling app that enables you to select a free U.S. phone number of your choice. It is a beneficial TextNow Alternative.

Calls and texts to the majority of U.S. phone numbers, including landlines, are free to make and receive. Texting to American phone numbers without limits. There are no cell minutes necessary when using Talkatone to call and text loved ones through WiFi or mobile data.

You can use your iPad or iPod as a phone (also available for Android). When you travel, bring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Use WiFi to call and text U.S. phone numbers without paying exorbitant roaming fees.

We want you to be able to connect whenever, wherever, and however, you want without having to pay for it. and the complexity of managing a conventional mobile phone service. Or put another way, mobile real-time communication is the way you want it. The app is available on Google Play or the App Store for download.

Last Thoughts

Every app is distinctive from the others due to its unique features and cost. Select a TextMe alternative that offers more features, a more affordable price, and fewer advertisements.

Regardless, TextNow is one of the top tools on the market because it provides free texting and VOIP conversations. You can leave a remark below or get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries or ideas for TextNow Alternative.

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