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USB 2020 MCC Ultra High Speed USB Board

USB 2020 MCC
USB 2020 MCC

The USB 2020 MCC is a high-velocity two-channel information acquisition board that gives simultaneous sampling at charges up to twenty MS/s in keeping with a channel. Users can pattern information from each media at a basic fee of forty MS/s to the sixty-four mega sample onboard memory or constantly move data to a bunch pc at up to eight MS/s for one or each channel over a high-velocity. USB connection. Each channel has its own A/D converter for simultaneous sampling to take away channel skew and maintain certain segment statistics among channels. Flexible triggering and gating guarantee information are receive while need. The clock I/O entry permits acquisitions to be managed through the onboard clock or an external clock supply for programs requiring user-furnished pacing. The board presents sign connections via four trendy BNC connectors and a forty-pin auxiliary connector.


  • Two 20 MS/s simultaneous-sampling analog inputs
  • 12-bit resolution
  • sixty-four mega sample onboard reminiscence-forty MS/s universal fee to onboard reminiscence while obtaining from each channels-eight MS/s throughput to host PC
  • Analog and virtual triggering and gating
  • Internal or outside pacing of analog scans
  • Eight virtual I/O lines
  • BNC and forty-pin header for sign connections supported Operating Systems
  • Windows® 10/eight/7/Vista®XP 32/sixty four-bit
  • Linux®

Analog Input Acquisition Modes

The USB-2020 can accumulate analog records from the usage of BURSTIO or non-stop test mode.

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  • BURST allows a tool to accumulate records at better costs than are support with the use of USB records switch price.
  • In BURSTIO, the USB-2020 can pattern records to onboard reminiscence at costs up to twenty MS/s in keeping with the channel.
  • Because every channel has its A/D converter, a common pattern price of forty MS/s is finish while sampling each channel. The simultaneous sampling removes channel skew and continues section coherence among the two media.
  • The reminiscence buffer can save as much as sixty-four mega samples on the most price for switching to the pc after the purchase is complete.

Continuous Scan Mode

Continuous test mode allows records to be immediately transfer to the host pc during acquisition. The most price in non-stop test mode is eight MS/s for all received forms (one channel or channels). The most price finish relies upon the host pc.

External Clock I/O

USB-2020 analog scanning operations may be pace with the inner A/D clock or an external clock supply. The CLK IO connector may be configure thru a software program to enter for outside pacing or output to tempo a linked tool.

Trigger Input

The USB-2020 helps virtual and analog triggers and gates, and every kind has software program-selectable configurations.

  • Digital triggers may be configure for growing or falling apart or excessive or low degree.
  • Analog triggers may be configure for above or underneath software program selectable degrees or for growing or falling parts with software program selectable hysteresis.
  • Digital gates may be configure for an excessive or low degree.
  • Analog gates may be configure for program-selectable excessive or low degrees or in or out of program-selectable windows.

An analog test may have a cause or a gate. However, now, no longer each. So, for example, an analog cause can not be use on the equal time because the TRIG IN BNC connector is getting use to gate.

Digital I/O

The USB-2020 gives eight virtual I/O strains at the forty-pin auxiliary connector. So when a piece is configured for entry, it could stumble on the nation of any TTL-degree access. Each DIO channel is an open-drain, which could sink as much as one hundred fifty mA for direct force programs. While used as an output.

External Pull-Up Capability

Digital inputs are pulled excessively with the aid of default to five V thru forty-seven Kohm resistors at the circuit board. The pull-up voltage is not an unusual place for all forty-seven Kohm resistors. The pull up/pull-down nation may be modified from a header on the board. An outside pull-up resistor also can be used to tug the DIO bit as much as a voltage that exceeds the inner five V pull-up voltage.

BNC and forty-Pin Auxiliary Connectors

The USB-2020 gives four fashionable BNC connectors for each analog input, cause enter, and clock I/O. Use stylish BNC cables to attach the BNC girl connectors. The board additionally consists of a forty-pin auxiliary connector for the eight virtual I/O. Five V energy outputs, and an exchange cause to enter the connection. The indicators from the forty-pin additional connector require a separately-bought cable.


The USB-2020 is an excessive-velocity-channel records acquisition board that offers simultaneous sampling at costs of up to twenty MS/s in keeping with the channel. Users can pattern records from each media for forty MS/s to. The sixty-four mega sample onboard reminiscence or constantly movement records to a number pc at up to eight MS/s for one or each channel over an excessive-velocity USB connection. Buy Now

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